Your Home

What is Your Home?

Your Home is an Australian Government document, which provides potential home builders and renovators with guidance on sustainable home building design and practices. 

Your Home is a free, online resource which contains information on energy-efficient design, materials, and construction methods, as well as supplementary advice regarding heating and cooling strategies, landscaping, window fixtures and solar orientation and design. In addition, it provides example house designs which achieve a sustainable 7-Star home rating, as well as real-world examples of houses built with sustainability in mind. 

Who is this resources for?

This guide is suitable for both new home builders, as well as existing homeowners who are either planning to alter their existing dwelling or extending their current dwelling.

How can I access it?

You can access Your Home here

NOTE: For reference to climate zones, Singleton LGA is located within both Zone 5 – Warm Temperate, and Zone 6 – Mild Temperate. Dependent on where you are located within the LGA is the exact climate zone that applies to your build.