New program boosts opportunities for local job seekers


Getting local job seekers skilled and back to work is the highest priority under Singleton Council’s new Employment Pathways Program.   

Launching in December 2021, the program is aimed at helping Singleton community members  ̶  particularly displaced, unemployed, vulnerable, out-of-the-workforce and first-time workers  ̶  access a wealth of support, training and careers advice to secure sustainable and meaningful employment, or start their own business.   

Vicki Brereton, Council’s Director Organisation and Community Capacity said the program would connect job seekers with experienced advisors, providing tailored support to access the diverse opportunities available to them locally.  

Partnering with employment service providers, schools, regional training providers, indigenous services, State and Federal government organisations, industry, and community groups to deliver better outcomes for job seekers, the program will be available to all Singleton residents, including youth, mature, transitioning, and indigenous workers.

“The Employment Pathways Program provides a central point for information for jobseekers and gives them access to experienced employment pathways advisors who can help understand their strengths, navigate the options available, and refer them to regional and local services and supports to help them achieve employment goals,” Ms Brereton said.

 “As we rebuild from COVID, our focus will be on helping re-deploy displaced workers, building skills for the region’s growth, and getting disadvantaged groups of people working.”

Ms Brereton said with so many options available to jobseekers across the region, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming for people to know where to start, or what the career or new business opportunity is right for them.

“Whether individuals are facing entrenched barriers, are beginning their employment journey, are suffering the shock of employment loss, or are needing to adapt to changing labour and occupational requirements, expert advice can support them through these challenges and equip them with skills to respond to future changes,” she said.  

“This program is another great example of how Council is actively supporting the social and economic wellbeing of residents  ̶  we know that there are barriers for job seekers that are unique to the Singleton area, and this new and uncharted program is further evidence of how local government can partner with the community to develop outside-the-box solutions to help.”

The Singleton Employment Pathways Program is funded by the NSW Government’s Resources for Regions program. More information will be available on Singleton Council’s website soon.


Woman standing in front of hedges

Singleton Council’s Employment Pathways Advisor Riki Ward