Mayoral Statement: Calls from the Singleton community for more access to vaccines


Re: Calls from the Singleton community for more access to vaccinations

With the continuation of lockdowns deepening the impacts on our local businesses, mental health and social wellbeing, the Premier has repeatedly advised that the only way out is for people to be vaccinated. But that can be more difficult than it sounds when there appears to be a shortage of supplies. I share the angst and frustration of the people in our community that there are limited options for people to do “their bit” for their own health and safety, the protection of their loved ones, and the good of the State.

I am equally frustrated personally that there is no direct action I can take as mayor to solve the situation. The provision of vaccines across our medical centres and chemists, and the establishment of vaccine hubs, rests entirely with the other levels of government, who are at the centre of the call encouraging a speedy and mass take up of vaccinations.

In a continuation of the advocacy work I have led in this past term of Council, I assure you that I am pursuing the NSW Government in every way possible for more action to protect the people of Singleton by providing vaccination pop up sites in our local government area, and I will share any response as soon as we receive one.

I also support any effort in our local community to advocate for more options for people to be advocated, including the work of the Singleton Business Chamber which extends to conversations with the mining industry.

In addition, Council continues to actively reach out to our local medical practitioners to see if or how we can support them and their abilities to expand the availability of vaccines and vaccination appointments in our local area.

Our community has endured every possible challenge in recent years, not least the series of lockdowns, fear and uncertainty that we continue to endure as part of the Delta outbreak in NSW, and the Hunter Region. I am immensely proud of how we have come together to follow the directions and advice of the NSW Government and health authorities to keep each other safe, and to try to stamp out this virus and restore our way of life.

I repeat the calls from our community for the NSW Government to help us now by taking more action so that we can be part of the solution, and to get those who can and wish to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Cr Sue Moore
Mayor of Singleton