Standalone house connected to water and sewer

A house with a single connection to water and sewer is liable for a fixed sewer service, fixed water access, or base, charge and water usage charges. Access charges are based on the size of the water meter installed at the property and usage charges reflect the volume of water that has passed through the meter.

Access charges are payable on as part of the annual Rates Notice and usage charges are paid in arrears based on the reading of the water meter on a Water Usage Notice, issued three times a year.

Below are the prices effective from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.  

Typical charges for a standalone house connected to the Singleton Town Water Supply with a 20mm water service and sewer service are:

Charge DescriptionCharge AmountCharge Frequency
Water Access (Base) Charge$176.85per annum on rates notice
Water usage Charge (less than 450kL)$2.26per kL (1000 litres) on water usage notice tri annually
Water Usage Charge (greater than 450kL)$3.39per kL (1000 litres) on water usage notice tri annually
Sewer Service Charge$705.60per annum on rates notice

If a water connection is available to the property, however a connection has not been established, meaning no meter has been installed, a Vacant Access Charge is payable annually on the Rates Notice for the property. Water Access Charges for other size meters, including vacant charges, are:

Meter Size
Annual Water Access (Base) Charge
Access - Vacant$176.85

 A complete list of current water and sewer prices is available within Council’s Operational Plan.