NSW COVID-19 sewage surveillance program

Sewage testing for COVID-19 will commence in Singleton from Monday 16 August 2021, under the NSW COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Program.

Singleton Council is working with NSW Health as part of the program to collect sewage samples from the Singleton sewage system that will then be tested for fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This will help to support NSW Health’s response to the current pandemic.  

The NSW COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Program tests untreated sewage for fragments of the COVID-19 (SARSCoV- 2) virus at Council's sewage treatment plant, along with many other sewage treatment plants across NSW.

The program is administered by NSW Health.  Information about the program can be found on NSW Health's website here.


Singleton Council is participating in the NSW COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Program, however, it does not run the tests and does not receive the test results.  All results will be notified by NSW Health.  NSW Health will issue alerts and provide information in the media, if needed.  

Data from the NSW COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance Program is included in the COVID-19 Surveillance Reports publish weekly.

You can check here for a list of sewage treatment locations, where virus fragments have been detected.