Howe Park Upgrades

Home to Singleton Golf Club, Howe Park Tennis Club, Singleton Strikers Soccer Club and a premium venue for cricket matches since the early 1900s, Howe Park has been the subject of some thoughtfully planned upgrades with significant sustainable outcomes for the Singleton Community!

In line with the Singleton Sustainability Strategy and an existing partnership with the Plastic Police Program, recycled plastic picket fencing was procured and installed - 3996 pickets to be exact!

To put this into perspective, approximately a ton of this product was used in the project - that's equivalent to a whopping 450,000 plastic packages and 55.08 cubic meters of waste diverted from our landfill!

If that wasn't enough, our Parks and Facilities team introduced Hydrawise systems across all parks and garden within the LGA. The system allows our team to control watering remotely. It also has built in smart watering triggers which work off local weather stations that can disable watering programs or increase watering programs depending on the triggers to the current climatic conditions!