Sustainability given away with free compost and access to dirtgirl online program


Singleton families are being encouraged to get their hands dirty in the garden with free initiatives to promote environmental sustainability including access to the Get Grubby for Families online program featuring dirtgirl and Costa.

Designed for children aged between three and 10 years and their families, the Get Grubby for Families program helps the whole family grow together at home with a monthly bumper email from dirtgirl jam-packed with activities, music, printables and exclusive resources to help families establish a garden, make compost and cook the harvest, along with recycling fun, sustainable DIY, nature play and getting grubby outdoors.

The Get Grubby for Families online program will be launched at the Singleton Waste Management Facility on Saturday 12 December 2020 from 10am to 2pm, with families invited to learn more about the program and meet with waste educators.

It’s free to sign up to the program now at

The launch will also include a compost giveaway with two bags for the first 66 households that register at to collect the bags from the Waste Management Facility between 10am and 2pm.

Justin Fitzpatrick-Barr, Council’s Director Infrastructure and Planning, said it was a great opportunity to check out the Burragan Recycling Shop and learn more about the Singleton Community Recycling Centre while people were at the Waste Management Facility.

“The Waste Management Facility is more than a landfill. We’re always actively looking for ways to reuse and recycle waste, from the unwanted trash that becomes someone else’s treasure in the Burragan Recycling Shop through to green waste that is transformed into garden mulch to keep the lifecycle going,” he said.

“We know sustainability is a high priority for our residents, and we are serious about reducing our impact through programs to minimise waste to landfill and educate the community about things we can all do to play our part.

“The Get Grubby for Families program is fantastic because it encourages people of all ages to get involved – and it’s even better that it’s free to everyone in our community.

“I wholeheartedly encourage everyone with young children to subscribe and act on the premise of the program to get grubby in the garden.”

Dirtgirl Creator Cate McQuillen said the Get Grubby for Families program is all about learning and growing together as a community, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were spending more time at home and considering the source of food and supporting local businesses.

“For the past 10 years, dirtgirlworld have been proud leaders in sustainability education and we are so proud to be able to bring this world directly into homes to inspire families through this huge time of change,” she said.

“Throughout the COVID-19 crisis we’ve witnessed a huge resurgence of interest in sustainable living and growing food. There’s never been a more important time to support families on this path.

“It’s no secret that dirtgirlworld is the happiest place on the planet – part of our job is to help children feel secure and safe in their world again. At the heart of it, we’re all about growing a positive and resilient future together.”