Capital Works Program


NameAsset ClassPlanned Start DatePlanned Finish DateStatus
Animal Management FacilityBuildings01/07/201809/04/2021Close-Out Phase
Saleyard Kiosk - Agent & Staff Building (Upgrade and refurbishment)Buildings01/07/202031/12/2021Not Started - Delayed
Arts and Cultural CentreBuildings11/02/201931/08/2021On Track
Building Renewal - Sedgefield Cemetery Toilet Block RefurbishmentBuildings01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Building Renewal - Administration Building Carpark Lighting UpgradeBuildings01/07/202019/02/2021Completed
Building Renewal - Library RoofBuildings01/08/202001/10/2020Completed
Gym and Swim - Plant Room and Pool ImprovementsBuildings01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Gym and Swim 25m Pool Dome Repairs Buildings01/06/202012/05/2021Completed
Drainage Renewal - Church Street - York Street to Shaw, and Bathurst Street - York Street to Albert StreetDrainage01/07/202031/12/2020Completed
Drainage Condition Renewal - Culvert Charlton Road - Chainage 3.92 from Putty Road - Design and Investigation Drainage01/11/202030/04/2021Completed
Drainage Renewal - Broke Road - Chainage 3.015 from Putty RoadDrainage10/01/202123/06/2021Deferred
The Inlet Road - Bulga - Sealing Rec. Area AccessOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202031/03/2021Completed
Lake St Clair - Shade Structure ReplacementOpen Spaces & Reserves01/02/202130/06/2021On Track
Open Space and Reserve - Renewal - Howe ParkOpen Spaces & Reserves01/02/202118/06/2021On Track
Playground Replacement - James White Park in Singleton HeightsOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202030/04/2020Completed
Playground Replacement - Wannaruah Park in DarlingtonOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202030/04/2021Completed
Sports Floodlights Compliancy - Various SiteOpen Spaces & Reserves09/11/202030/04/2021On Track
Jim Johnston Reserve - Cricket Fence RemovalOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202028/08/2020Completed
Playing Field Renovations - Various LocationsOpen Spaces & Reserves01/09/202001/05/2021Completed
Alroy Oval - Revise MasterplanOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Open Space and Reserves - Installing Backflow Meters - Various LocationsOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202011/12/2020Completed
Irrigation Improvements - Cook 1 Playing FieldOpen Spaces & Reserves01/07/202029/01/2021Completed
Riverside Park - Shade Shelter over metal slideOpen Spaces & Reserves25/01/202129/06/2021On Track
Singleton Town Centre Stage 2Road Infrastructure04/02/201931/07/2021On Track
Regional Road Rehabilitation - Glendonbrook RoadRoad Infrastructure01/09/201931/08/2020On Track
Regional Road Rehabilitation - Elderslie RoadRoad Infrastructure01/07/201907/04/2022Completed
Sealing of Unsealed Road - Dyrring Road Road Infrastructure06/05/202030/10/2020Completed
The Inlet Road - Bulga - On street ParkingRoad Infrastructure01/07/202031/03/2021Completed
Paynes Crossing BridgeRoad Infrastructure01/03/202031/03/2021Completed
2019-2020 Urban Asphalt Roads/Cul-De-Sac Surface Correction ProgramRoad Infrastructure16/09/201929/11/2019Completed
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Moses Crossing Bridge Approach Upgrade - Lemington RoadRoad Infrastructure01/07/202030/12/2020Deferred
Urban Road Rehabilitation - Kelso Street - Church Street to Bathurst Street 0.00 to 0.28Road Infrastructure01/07/202001/06/2021On Track
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Stanhope Road 0.00km to 1.02kmRoad Infrastructure01/07/202016/06/2021On Track
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Dalwood Road chainage 4.8 to 5.5km (previously 3.45km to 4.55km)Road Infrastructure01/10/202030/11/2020On Track
Rural Road Rehabilitation - Mirannie Road 22.809km to 23.327kmRoad Infrastructure01/07/202031/03/2021Not Due to Start
Sealing of Unsealed Road - Rusty Lane East ArmRoad Infrastructure12/10/202025/06/2021Deferred
Bridge Rehabilitation - Apple Tree Flat Bridge (42B1)Road Infrastructure30/06/202031/03/2021Completed
2020 - 2021 Road Resealing Program - Rural RoadsRoad Infrastructure01/09/202028/02/2021On Track
2020 - 2021 Road Resealing Program - Urban RoadsRoad Infrastructure02/11/202030/04/2021Deferred
2020 - 2021 Road Resealing Program - Regional RoadsRoad Infrastructure01/09/202031/03/2021On Track
Low Maintained Road Rehabilitation Program 2020-2021Road Infrastructure30/06/202001/07/2021On Track
Unsealed Road Resheeting Program 2020-2021Road Infrastructure30/06/202001/07/2021On Track
Bridge Rehabilitation - Hungerfords Bridge (RR7767B1)Road Infrastructure01/07/202028/05/2021On Track
Causeway Rehabilitation - Goorangoola Road 34CA2Road Infrastructure01/01/202130/06/2021Deferred
Light Vehicle Replacement ProgramRoad Infrastructure01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Future Design and Investigation Road Infrastructure01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
IDEA Pond - Clean & RehabilitateSewer Network15/09/201915/01/2021Not On Track
Major SPS Refurbishment (Dunnoly/Kelso/Bourke)Sewer Network01/08/201931/03/2021On Track
Sewer Treatment Plant - Treated Effluent Reuse Irrigation (Recycled Water Reuse Scheme - RWRS)Sewer Network17/11/201931/12/2021On Track
Plant & Equipment - Motor Vehicle (Light) - SewerSewer Network01/04/202030/06/2020Not Started - Delayed
Rising Main RepairsSewer Network15/12/202030/04/2021On Track
STP - Aerator Automation UpgradeSewer Network01/08/202030/11/2021On Track
Sludge Pond MaintenanceSewer Network23/02/202120/12/2021On Track
Small Main Replacement / Relining ProgramSewer Network01/12/202030/06/2021Deferred
Laboratory equipment replacementSewer Network06/01/202130/06/2021On Track
CCTV Camera - Push CameraSewer Network01/07/202030/06/2021Completed
Minor Improvements (Upgrades / Replacement / Renewals)Sewer Network01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
STP Sludge Management Improvement - InvestigationSewer Network01/02/202120/12/2021On Track
Mechanical Upgrade - Pumping CapacitySewer Network01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Pressure Sewer Systems (PSS) - Supply and Install (Net Only)Sewer Network01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
STP - Solar power InvestigationSewer Network01/10/202030/04/2021Completed
STP _ Power UpgradeSewer Network01/07/202024/06/2021On Track
STP - Decanter UpgradeSewer Network02/11/202017/02/2021Not Started - Delayed
Transportation - Broke Village Line Marking and SignageTransport Infrastructure01/07/202027/11/2020Completed
Transportation - New Urban FootpathsTransport Infrastructure01/07/202026/02/2021Completed
Transportation - TfNSW Block Grant - Traffic FacilitiesTransport Infrastructure01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Dunolly Road Rugby League Ground - Carpark ResealTransport Infrastructure01/07/202028/02/2021Not On Track
Transportation Renewal - 74 George Street Car ParkTransport Infrastructure01/07/202031/05/2021On Track
Transportation - Shared Path - Blaxland Avenue from Bridgman Road to Falkiner CrescentTransport Infrastructure01/07/202029/05/2020On Track
Waste Management Facility - Traffic Management ImprovementsWaste03/08/202030/06/2021Not On Track
Waste Management Facility - TelemetryWaste12/01/202130/06/2021On Track
Waste Management Facility - Water & Leachate Management Plan ActionsWaste03/08/202030/06/2021On Track
Waste Management Facility - Master PlanWaste20/07/202031/03/2022On Track
Waste Management Facility - Weighbridge/Gatehouse ImprovementsWaste01/09/202030/06/2021On Track
WMF - CCTV System Design & UpgradeWaste12/01/202130/06/2021Not On Track
WMF - Water TanksWaste01/09/202030/06/2021On Track
Upgrade Works (Gowrie)Water Supply01/07/201815/04/2021Not On Track
Additional Reservoir InvestigationWater Supply01/08/202021/11/2021On Track
SCADA & Telemetry UpgradeWater Supply01/07/201924/12/2021On Track
Water and Sewer Infrastructure Security UpgradeWater Supply01/01/202130/11/2021On Track
Flow Meter Gleenies Creek DamWater Supply01/02/202012/04/2022On Track
Plant & Equipment - Light Motor Vehicle (New) - WaterWater Supply01/07/201930/06/2020Not Started - Delayed
Reservoir - Asset RenewalsWater Supply01/07/201930/06/2020Completed
Minimbah Drive Reservoir ConstructionWater Supply01/09/202031/01/2022Not On Track
Water Mains Renewal ProgramWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021Not Due to Start
Industrial Supply Standpipe - Replacement and Concrete RepairsWater Supply01/10/202001/05/2021On Track
Access Hatches (Rixs, Mt Thorley and Apex)Water Supply06/07/202017/05/2021On Track
Gowrie Reservoir UpgradeWater Supply01/07/202030/10/2020Close-Out Phase
WTP - Chemical Dosing UpgradeWater Supply01/07/202130/06/2022On Track
WTP - Automation UpgradeWater Supply04/01/202120/12/2021Not On Track
Minor RenewalsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Manhole Renewals Water Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Ride on mower (replacement for mower stolen and written off)Water Supply01/07/202030/06/2021Completed
Non-destructive Digger (Vac Truck) replacementWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Telemetry - Minor RenewalsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Pump Modules and Pipework - Maison DieuWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
New Development - Investigation WorksWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Sludge Management ImprovementsWater Supply17/03/202115/12/2021Not Due to Start
Recommission Glennies Creek Water Pump Station/Allowance for Falling Dam LevelsWater Supply01/07/202030/10/2020Completed
Control Valve RenewalsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021Completed
Air Valve RenewalsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Valve and Hydrant ReplacementsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Water Pumping - Pump ReplacementsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
New Service ConnectionsWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Minor Plant & Equipment - SafetyWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Minor Plant & Equipment - SundryWater Supply01/07/202030/06/2021On Track
Upgrade Works - Mt Thorley Raw Water Pump StationWater Supply01/08/202030/06/2021On Track
Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing ImprovementsWater Supply01/09/202004/12/2020Completed
PAC Plant - Dosing CompressorWater Supply01/09/202031/03/2021Completed