The drumMUSTER program is a wonderful circular economy solution, providing Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers!

Singleton Council has been in partnership with Agsafe, facilitating the program at the Waste Management Facility for the past 20 years – to date resulting in a whopping 10,674 containers redirected from landfill and recycled!


drumMUSTER is specially designed for the disposal of eligible, cleaned agvet chemical containers.

The program facilitates collection of non-returnable metal or plastic containers above one litre/kilogram and up to 205 litre/kilogram in declared content in the packaging of crop production and animal health products used for:

  • agricultural and livestock production
  • industrial and recreational pest and weed control
  • forestry
  • household pest control operations
  • similar activities conducted by government authorities.

Please visit the drumMUSTER website for further information.


Proper rinsing and cleaning are the first steps in safely disposing of empty agvet chemical containers.

  • Triple rinsing is best practice.
  • Clean containers are essential for meeting Occupational Health and Safety standards in the recycling process.
  • Any rinsing should be carried out immediately after emptying the chemical container, as residues are a lot harder to remove when dry.
  • Under current regulations in most states, containers that haven’t been properly rinsed can be classified as hazardous waste.

Please click here for specific cleaning requirements, noting that drums will be inspected upon presentation and any non-compliant drums will unfortunately not be eligible.

After they are clean, simply load them up and bring them to the Singleton Waste Management Facility for recycling - FREE of charge! 

As a curtesy, if you are planning a deposit of ten (10) or more containers please contact the facility and notify the site supervisor prior to attending on T 02 6578 7329.