Waste wise events

Research shows that 87% of event attendees want the event they are attending to be clean and free of litter, and support waste wise practices and want well-organised waste and recycling services.

As a result of the great events that happen in NSW every year, thousands of tonnes of waste are generated, often ending up in landfill or as litter polluting our streets and waterways. This waste is a tremendous loss of resources, as at least 60% of the material could be recycled. We can reduce the environmental impact of events by working towards making every event in NSW a Waste Wise Event!

What is a Waste Wise Event?

A Waste Wise Event is designed so that waste is minimised and recycling is maximised. This involves planning and implementing waste avoidance strategies that encourage all attendees (including those providing goods and services) to minimise the use of single-use, non-reusable, non-recyclable catering products and packaging. It also has a bin system that encourages and makes it easy for attendees and stallholders to recycle and dispose of waste materials responsibly.

The ultimate aim is to consider waste management a significant factor of the planning for an event and prioritising waste recovery efforts. 

Why be Waste Wise?

It is good economic and environmental sense to make all events Waste Wise. A Waste Wise Event benefits councils, event organisers, the public and the environment by reinforcing sustainable behaviour.

How do I host a Waste Wise Event?

The Waste Wise Event Guide sets out the planning of a Waste Wise Event in three stages: 

  1. Before the event
  2. During the event
  3. After the event

Incorporated in the guide is an easy to use flow chart and all the information you will require to ensure that your next event is Waste Wise success!

NSW EPA also has a treasure trove of signage resources to help you implement your bin systems and maximise waste diversion efforts!

Is Council hosting Waste Wise Events?

Absolutely! However, unfortunately due to bushfires and COVID-19 restrictions we have been unable to host our flagship Waste Wise event - Christmas on John Street in both 2019 and 2020. 

As part of our commitment to sustainable waste management practices, Singleton Council adopted the Waste Wise Event Management procedure in 2019. This document is informed by the Department of Environment and Conservation NSW Waste Wise Event Guide. In addition, the Waste Wise principles are now firmly imbedded in Council's event application process to ensure that external stakeholders are incorporating the practice into their event planning process.

Going the extra mile!

Although the Waste Wise Event Guide is designed to inform large scale event management, we believe considering and minimising the impact of our events is vitally important - no matter the size.

We encourage you to incorporate Waste Wise Event planning practices for:

  • birthday parties 
  • BBQ and home gatherings 
  • wedding and anniversary celebrations
  • annual holiday celebrations (Easter, Christmas, New Years..) 

By considering such things as: 

  • How will you encourage resource recovery? 
  • How will you sustainably decorate your space? 
  • How will you prioritise minimising waste generation?