NSW Small Business Month 2020

NSW Small Business Month, brought to you by the NSW Government, is the only dedicated festival for small businesses in NSW.

In the wake of devastating bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic, we know this is one of the toughest years many small businesses have faced. 

In the Business Impact Survey run by Council in May 2020 and a follow up training survey run by Singleton Business Chamber in July 2020, local businesses identified a support need for training and education in Financial planning and cashflow management and social media marketing.   

In the wake of devastating bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic, we know this is the one of the toughest years many small businesses have faced.

From strengthening your financial foundations to growing with digital technologies, we’re here to support all small businesses as they enter 


These workshops are designed to help our local businesses recover and rebuild from COVID-19, drought and bushfires. If you register for a workshop, please be sure you can attend, as places are valuable and limited.  If you sign up and are no longer able to attend, please call Singleton Business Chamber on T 0400 460 412 or email admin@singletonchamber.org.au, so your place can be allocated to someone else.   

Building a Resilient Small Business - Financial & Business Fundamentals

For many small business owners, COVID 19 has highlighted a lack of resilience within their business.

“Building a Resilient Small Business” is a workshop designed to help small business owners, and their key stakeholders, to better understand,

1.    Why resilience is important to their small business,

2.    What areas of their business need to be most resilient, and 

3.    How to develop and build resilience into their business?

The workshop will be facilitated by John Costley and Graeme Fitzgerald, who both have over 35 years’ practical experience in managing and leading businesses and have been small business owners for the past 10 years.

John and Graeme will share their knowledge and experiences in building resilience in businesses and will ensure, by the end of the workshop, that all participants will have identified the Top 3 resilience building priorities for their own business and will have begun to develop a plan to make it happen.

Building a Resilient Small Business - Financial and Business Fundamentals  

Thursday 22 October

4 – 6pm

Diggers Club – Singleton Heights

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Wednesday 28 October 

8 – 10am 

Diggers Club – Singleton Heights

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How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Work – building your brand and business on social media

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well do we DO It.” - Erik Qualman.

 As we recover and rebuild businesses after the negative and financial impacts of COVID-19, drought and bushfire, utilising and effectively using social media can be a great way to interact and connect with both new and existing customers. 

 So often we get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of social media management and find: 

  • Our posts aren’t reaching the right people and receive little engagement; 
  • We spend a lot of time and effort writing posts without a real strategy behind what we expect this type of marketing to achieve;
  • We spend money on advertising, but it just isn’t working, and we see no return on investment;
  • It’s difficult to know where to find customers online and which platforms to use to reach them;
  • We don’t know what content to use to connect with our customers or if it resonates with them. 

For many small business owners, the challenge of how to communicate on social media without wasting hours and resources with little return is very real.  This workshop will take you through the steps of creating a solid digital marketing foundation that is designed to help businesses:

  1. Understand the foundations of a successful social media marketing campaign;
  2. Create an effective social media marketing strategy and develop a strong social media presence;
  3. Identify which social media platforms are right for your business
  4. Learn where to focus your time and efforts for the best return;
  5. Recognise customer behaviours and how to engage with them on social media; 
  6. Provide tools and tips to create the right messages for impact and engagement.

The workshop will be facilitated by Lavinia Hutchison, Director of LivMedia, an Upper Hunter based company supporting local businesses with everything media, marketing and advertising related. 

With fifteen years’ experience working in the media industry; digital, radio, television, magazines and newspapers, Lavinia has led several sales teams and managed hundreds of high ROI and successful marketing campaigns for businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Lavinia works with clients in the mining, tourism, retail, agriculture and viticulture industries and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise with businesses to assist them successfully connect and communicate with their customers.

How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Work

Wednesday 21 October 

8am – 10am 

Diggers Club – Singleton Heights

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Thursday 29 October

4 – 6pm

Diggers Club – Singleton Heights

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Small Business Month – Events and Workshops 

The small business month website is packed full of webinars, online resources and live streams across topics including digital marketing, finance and cashflow, future proofing your business and more. 

With events from Google and Facebook on online marketing through to experts in resilience, financial management, people management and innovation, it’s a great source of support for small businesses looking to rebuild their business. 


Business Connect Advisory Services

The Business Connect services from The Business Centre provide programs, advice and support. Their business advisors are on your team and can help you develop the best approach to your business. From start up, to growth strategies, finding direction and clarity and even business insolvency advice, they can help you work through plans and support for your business. 

Each service offers up to four hours of free advisory support from an expert business advisor, that’s funded by the NSW government to help you with your business. Face to face and virtual support is available.  

Find out more here: https://www.businesscentre.com.au/what-we-offer/programs 

The Business Centre – Webcasts and online resources

As well as the Business Connect advisory services, you can access a number of webcasts and previous webinars on key topics that will help you rebuild and recover from COVID-19, and manage through disruption and economic shock.  From topics on people, finance, marketing and risk to specialist information for key industries such as retail, tourism and NDIS, these resources can be used at any time. 

Visit these links to find out more.