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Participation in sport is a proven protective factor against alcohol and other drug use amongst children and young people. Evidence demonstrates that when children are engaged in sporting activities and other structured after school programs, they are far less likely to be engaged in any sort of alcohol or drug use. Alcohol and Drug Foundation have announced a trial of sports as a protective factor in 10 locations across Australia is an indicator of the merit of the research.

In Singleton, sport plays an important role in developing a healthy lifestyle culture, however for many families, this is not the case. In many vulnerable families, children are not engaged in any form of physical activity or after school program. Children from indigenous and low-income families are particularly vulnerable and will benefit from structured after school programs. Sport and other healthy activities are a proven protective factor against alcohol and drug misuse and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.


Kids in Sport Scholarships is a supported approach to engaging vulnerable, low income families in healthy lifestyle activities. The trial of 100 scholarships of $100 will be a pilot and enable some further research and analysis of the success of the scholarship in reducing some of the social issues that surround people who are most vulnerable.

The current NSW Active Kids program provides two $100 ($200) vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards registration and membership fees for sport and active recreation each year. Whilst the aim of the initiative is to tackle overweight and obesity rates by increased participation of school-enrolled children in sport and physical activity, the program also plays a crucial role in instilling healthy lifestyle habits. 

A Kids in Sport Scholarship of $100 per child will assist a family to support children from vulnerable families and households into a local sport or after school activity. Where children are already eligible for the NSW subsidy, a simple assessment will enable support for the cost of uniforms, transport and even healthy food options at the club or sporting venue.  

Council plays an important role in promoting a healthy active community through its Sports Council and range of parks and recreation facilities. The Kids in Sport Scholarship is an important part of our COVID-19 Community Support Package and will be administered by Singleton Family Support.  


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