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Planning agreements
A planning agreement is a contractual arrangement under Part 4, Division 6 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, between a planning authority, such as Council (or 2 or more planning authorities) and a developer.
Planning agreements are often entered into when the developer has sought a change to an environmental planning instrument (e.g. Local Environmental Plan, State Environmental Planning Policy) or as part of a development application.
Under a planning agreement, a developer may be required to dedicate land free of cost, pay a monetary contribution, or provide any other material public benefit, or any combination of them, to be used for/applied towards a public purpose.
Matters often addressed under planning agreements include:
  • The provision of (or the recoupment of the cost of providing) public amenities or public services;
  • The provision of (or the recoupment of the cost of providing) affordable housing;
  • The provision of (or the recoupment of the cost of providing) transport or other infrastructure relating to land;
  • The funding of recurrent expenditure relating to the provision of public amenities or public services, affordable housing or transport or other infrastructure;
  • The monitoring of the planning impacts of development; and
  • The conservation or enhancement of the natural environment.

Click here to view Singleton Council's Voluntary Planning Agreement Register.  Individual Agreements are listed below for viewing and downloading:

- Ravensworth Coal Operations Pty Ltd

- Liddell Coal Operations Pty Ltd

- Bulga Coal Operations Pty Ltd

- Mt Thorley Warkworth

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