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The Hunter is home to some of the best winemakers in the country, and is renowned for its full bodied reds and classic whites. The region is also home to one of Australia's oldest continuous wineries, Wyndham Estate, and an ever-growing number of boutique vineyards producing quality, medal winning wines.

Viticulture was an early addition to the area with a small vineyard established in 1831 by William Kelman at Kirkton. Kelman's famed brother-in-law, James Busby, had collected hundreds of varieties of grapes during a visit that year to France and Spain. They were successfully propagated at the Kirkton vineyard and many found their way into the Hunter's early vineyards.

Busby was a great enthusiast of grape growing in the new colony and wrote two books on the care of vines and the making of wine. His ideas were taken up by several local landholders, resulting in the Hunter Valley Vineyard Association being formed to promote the new industry.

While the house still stands at Kirkton, the vineyard is long gone. However there are still plantings along the river which date back to that original period, most notably at Wyndham Estate where renovation of the original Dalwood House has taken place.

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