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Animal Management Facility
Council operates an impounding facility for stray animals. If you have lost your pet or are interested in adopting an animal from the pound, please contact Council to make an appointment with the Ranger. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

Any animal that is impounded must be microchipped and registered for life under the Companion Animals Act 1998 before it can be released.

In accordance with Council’s resolution from 24 April 2017, Council is finalising the design of a new Animal Management Facility to be presented to the ordinary meeting in September 2017, along with a finance and cost analysis for construction.

The current Animal Management Facility has six kennels, which limits how long Council can hold dogs beyond the legislated requirements. A total of 169 dogs and 35 cats passed through the facility in the 2016/17 financial year.

Following inspections by the RSPCA in July 2017, Council acted on RSPCA recommendations to install cloth blinds to provide weather protection on the open eastern side for animals at the facility, as well as undertake repairs to the internal wall following a break-in earlier in 2017.

Council is also looking into two further actions to install a barrier between kennels in place of wire mesh, as well as a small wall inside each kennel for further weather protection.

Council is committed to the welfare of all animals while at the facility and has a very dedicated team of rangers tending to the animals seven days a week to ensure they have adequate bedding, food and care.

In addition, Council works only with rehoming organisations registered under the Companion Animals Act to ensure its duty of care to the animals that they are going to good homes. All the organisations Council works with are listed below.

Council’s ultimate aim, however, is to reunite animals with their owners. Council detains animals for the shortest period of time possible and works quickly to try to find the owners of animals in our care using a range of channels, including microchipping records and posts on Council’s Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.

Council reminds dog owners that they have a responsibility under the Companion Animals Act to ensure their animals are under effective control, and do not require the services of the Animal Management Facility.

Extreme heat response
Council closely monitors the wellbeing of the animals at the Animal Management Facility in high temperatures. An airconditioner operates in the cat room and sprinklers are on a 10-minute timer for the comfort of dogs at the facility.

Council resolutions
24 April 2017

DP&SE11/17   Animal Management Facility (FILE:17/00046)

A report was provided to Council with an update on the progress of a new Animal Management Facility.

65/17  RESOLVED that Council approve works to finalise the design of a new Animal Management Facility at Lot 1921 DP 818767 (193 Gresford Road), and that a report with complete design, finance and cost analysis for construction is submitted to the September 2017 Meeting of Council.



21 November 2016

DP&SE42/16   Animal Management Facility Options (FILE:16/0174)

This report provided information on potential locations for the construction of a new animal management facility.

196/16            RESOLVED that Council notes progress to date, information on options and receives a further report in March 2017.


Collecting an impounded animal
If an impounded animal is identified on the NSW Companion Animal Registry, Council will notify the owner and house the dog at the pound for 14 days.

If the animal is not identified on the NSW Companion Animal Registry, Council will house the animal for seven days. After this period the animal will either be sold or sent to a rescue organisation for rehoming if suitable, or humanely destroyed if not suitable.

Animal adoption
Adopting a pet is a serious decision and commitment and one that should be researched thoroughly. It’s all about finding the right fit for your lifestyle.

Singleton Council only has a small animal holding facility which is not designed to hold animals long term passed their impound date.  This is why Council work so closely with rescue groups and shelters throughout New South Wales to rehome abandoned and surrendered animals. The right pet might be waiting for you with another organisation.

ACT Rescue & Foster Inc (ARF)
Alaskan Malamute rehoming Aid
Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue
Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc
Best Friends Pet Rescue
Big Dog Rescue
Bull Terrier Rescue NSW
Cat Rescue Newcastle
Claws 'n' Paws Rescue
Companions For Life
Dog Rescue Newcastle
Fetching Dogs
Golden Oldies Animal Rescue
Greyhounds as Pets
Greyhound Rescue
Hunter Animal Rescue
Maggies Rescue
Monika's Doggie Rescue
Muswellbrook Council Animal Shelter
Nova Pooch Rescue
Paterson Valley Dog Rescue
Riverina and Districts Animal Rescue
RSPCA Rutherford or Somersby
Save Our Strays
Saving Staffies
Seniors and Silky Rescue
Singleton Veterinary Hospital
Staffy Rescue
Wally's Dog Rescue

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