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Consultative committees
Community Consultative Committees (CCC) are generally formed for major mines in response to conditions of approval issued by the NSW Planning Minister.

The purpose of CCCs is to give representatives of the community, Council and other stakeholders a forum to discuss the operations, environmental performance and community relations activities of the mine with mining company representatives.

Further information about Community Consultative Committees can be obtained from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Delegate - Director Planning and Sustainable Environment Group Mark Ihlein

Ashton Mine CCC
Delegate - Cr Adamthwaite

Bulga/Beltana Mine CCC
Delegate - Cr Adamthwaite

Food Processing CCC
Delegate - Cr McNamara

Hunter Valley CCC
Delegate - Cr Diemar-Jenkins

Liddell Colliery CCC
Delegate - Cr Scott

Macquarie Generation CCC
Delegate - Nil

Mt Owen Complex CCC
Delegate - Cr Scott

Mt Thorley/Warkworth CCC
Delegate - Cr Jenkins

Ravensworth Mine CCC
Delegate - Cr Adamthwaite

Rix's Creek CCC
Delegate - Cr Lukeman

United Collieries CCC
 Delegate - Cr Adamthwaite

Wambo Mine CCC
Delegate - Cr Adamthwaite

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Ph: 02 6578 7290