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Bulga Water Supply Scheme
News Release - Route Determined and Detailed Design Underway
At the ordinary meeting of Singleton Council last night, Monday 19/11/2018 a preferred route for the transfer water main between Broke and Bulga was decided. Meaning detailed designs for the Bulga Water Supply project will be undertaken for the Option B connection to Broke.

Community consultation, particularly with the Milbrodale community, will also continue while a date for construction is dependent on further grant funding for the estimated $11.3 million project.

A report to the meeting said Council received a 50 per cent funding contribution for the Bulga Water Supply Scheme for up to $1.4 million in February 2017, however issues identified in the planning phase had resulted in cost implications for the project.

Full details of the media release and meeting can be viewed in the following link, News Release - Bulga Water Supply Scheme - 19/11/2018.

Background and History
The village of Bulga is not currently supplied with a reticulated town water service. Residents are solely reliant on rainwater tanks, dams and potable water trucked into the community by water carters. This makes the town highly susceptible to supply issues in periods of drought and increases the risk of health issues if rainwater tanks are not properly maintained.

Singleton Council has been working on strategies to establish a water supply scheme to improve the sustainability of villages in the Local Government Area. Council has secured a grant for funding contribution from the NSW Government for investigation, design and delivery of the project, with additional funds being provided by Council.

The completed works to date include detail design of local water mains, and concept designs of two options for connecting to the existing water supply network. Option A being a connection point in Mount Thorley and Option B being a connection point at Broke. The proposed detailed design and concept plan routes can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Bulga Water Supply Scheme - Reticulation Main - Water Supply Area - Bulga - 2018

Bulga Water Supply Scheme - Proposed Transfer Water Main Option A - Mount Thorley to Bulga - 2018

Bulga Water Supply Scheme - Proposed Transfer Main - Option B - Bulga to Broke - 2018

What does this mean for Bulga?
The Bulga Water Supply Scheme is proposed to be served by an extension of water reticulation mains from Council’s existing potable water supply network at Mount Thorley throughout the Bulga community.

The areas to be serviced by the water supply scheme include: The Inlet Road, Wollemi Peak Road, Putty Road to Thompson Road and the village area on Wambo Street. A plan of the proposed route and properties which would benefit can be viewed here.

Water will be to the same quality and standards as other villages, such as Broke and Jerrys Plains. More details on Council's Water and Sewer Group Water Supply Standards and Levels of Services can be found in the Water and Sewer Group - Customer Service Plan and Water and Sewer Group - Water Supply Service Policy.

What will the cost be?
The estimated cost of providing water to the community of Bulga, under the Bulga Water Supply Scheme is approximately $8 million. The NSW Government’s Restart NSW Regional Water and Waste Water grant funding has contributed $1.4 million in funding for the delivery of the scheme, with the remainder being funded by Singleton Council’s water reserves.

In respect to connection and ongoing usage charges, Council has committed to a 50% reduction in the service connection fee payable by property owners for connection to the supply scheme. Council has also committed to providing water to Bulga at the same water rates as those payed within Singleton.

Property owners will be responsible for the connection of the internal water pipes from the dwelling to the water meter. A licensed plumber will be required to undertake this work.

NSW legislation provides that water base charges may be levied to all properties in a water supply area. Residents will pay annual water base charges and tri annual consumption, or usage charges similar to other Council water supply customers. The rating model for Bulga will be consistent with Council policies as provided for under Section 552 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Council is currently investigating application of a uniform tariff for water usage which would result in all customer paying the same rate as those within the Singleton Water Supply Area. Council will communicate progress of this new fee structure through future engagement with the community. Council's current rating information and adopted 2018/2019 fees and charges can be found by following the links.

Further Information
fact sheet providing valuable information on the Bulga Water Supply Scheme project has been developed to assist residents.  

For further information, please contact Council's Water and Sewer Group - Manager, Katie Hardy or Water and Sewer Group - Project Engineer, Paul McKoy on 02 6578 7290 during Council office hours.

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