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Waste & recycling
Our long-term plan
Council adopted the Singleton Waste Strategy 2013-2033 in March 2013 to guide the next 20 years of waste management towards a more sustainable Singleton.

The strategy identifies a wide range of waste issues affecting the Singleton community and includes an action plan for addressing them.

In particular, Council aims to increase its waste diversion rate to 30 per cent by 2015, 40 per cent by 2016 and more than 70 per cent by 2023 and limit waste disposal to less than 25,000 tonnes per year.

To do this, Council plans to undertake comprehensive education activities and programs to target the 19 per cent of recyclables still going to landfill and reduce the amount of contamination going into recycling bins.

Improving recycling
From 1 July 2013, Council entered into a new recycling collection contract with Hunter Resource Recovery, a partnership between Maitland, Cessnock and Lake Macquarie councils that will save Singleton Council about $4 million over the next decade. This will also provide an opportunity to improve recovery rates and decrease contamination levels through an extensive community education program.

Council also hopes to introduce a green/garden waste collection service in the near future that may also include food waste. A green waste recovery system would go some of the way toward increasing waste diversion, to a possible 43 per cent, and up to 60 per cent if it includes food waste.

Commercial, industrial and mining waste represents about 20 per cent of all waste going into landfill with large amounts of timber products, cardboard and paper.

The strategy’s action plan details better support for marketing the use of recycling services to business and industry, particularly in cardboard recovery.

Construction and demolition sectors will also be targeted with more user-friendly drop-off bays at Singleton Waste Depot and price incentives for separating materials.

Waste management facility master plan
The strategy details redesigning the waste management facility so visitors will have to drive past recycling collection areas before reaching the tip face that would include wood pallets, untreated wood, cardboard, green waste, concrete and bricks.

Waste depot users will also be encouraged to sort loads and maximise recycling with separated loads eligible for reduced gate fees.

This would be part of the development of a master plan for the waste disposal site. This will ensure the optimisation of space available for landfill into the future.

Other options open to Council will include a composting facility which will turn collected green waste into mulch available for sale to the community and a tip shop for the sale of salvaged reusable goods.

Mattress recycling will be explored with Hunter Resource Recovery adopting a regional mattress recycling contract for mattress collection.

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