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Environmental Education
Council in conjunction with Keep Australia Beautiful conducts the EnviroMentors program for local schools.

EnviroMentors is Australia’s leading mobile environmental education program for schools. This unique service assists Council to educate the local children on a wide range of local environmental issues. Interactive workshops assist student learning by passing on information about activities and behaviors that protect and conserve our fragile environments.

Children are the caretakers of the future and through the program, we teach them about caring for the environment and the simple but vitally effective measures they can take to protect and conserve our natural and built environments.

Community benefits
  • A greater awareness of waste and water issues;
  • An appreciation of the need for appropriate waste management and disposal;
  • Clarification of local waste and water regulations;
  • Local issues and focus points highlighted;
  • Influence extends to the broader community, as participants are encouraged to teach others the new information they have learned.

2016 modules
There are now ten modules for councils and schools to choose from, enabling them to choose topics most suitable to their local environments.

In the Bin - Students get creative through drama while gaining knowledge of local waste issues. They learn the appropriate bin to place waste items in and the environmental implications of littering, which can be taken home and imparted to parents.

Recycling - Through interactive games and audio-visual material, students find out what and how new items are made from recycled materials. With a focus on local services, recycling to reduce waste going to landfill and saving resources is emphasised.

Sustainability - Just what is sustainability? Students explore this concept and collaborate to identify actions they can take in their daily lives at home and school to consume less, becoming more sustainable and reducing their environmental footprint.

Schoolyard Harvest - Students are guided through the steps involved in creating their own vegetable garden at school or at home. The module makes the connection between growing and caring for a garden and the food we eat. Students also learn of the benefits of keeping chickens for fresh eggs.

Composting - Students explore composting as an environmentally sound alternative to reduce waste going to landfill. A fun interactive game of ‘garb the grub’ enables students to have fun while delving into this ecosystem. Schools have the option of setting up their own compost bins through this module.

Worm Farming - Students learn about worm-farming as a simple, effective way to recycle food scraps. Students’ knowledge is tested while they learn fascinating facts about worms, and enjoy discovering how a real worm farm looks and works. Schools have the option of setting up their own worm farm through this module.

Saving Water - Students examine the water cycle, just how much useable water we have on earth and how we need to share this limited supply of water. Puzzles bring science to life while a little bit of drama creates a splash for learning to conserve water.

Keeping Waterways Clean - Students role-play the harmful activities carried out by characters in a catchment story. After observing the effects these actions can have on water quality and biodiversity, students brainstorm environmentally friendly practices to protect our fragile waterways. Our 3D interactive models are a fascinating component of this module.

Lunches Unwrapped - Designed for schools wanting to reduce littering and excess packaging in school lunchboxes, students are introduced to the idea of a waste-free lunch and explore the benefits for both the environment and their health. Activities include designing a new lunch box. Take-home information is available to inform parents of how easy it is to make lunch waste-free.
Litter - Students investigate the environmental and social impacts of littering and learn to protect our environment by correctly disposing of rubbish. reduce their waste and correct littering behaviour. A litter audit will also be conducted around the school and a specific reduction plan created.

Local schools will be contacted directly by Keep Australia Beautiful in relation to the EnviroMentors program.

For further information please visit Keep Australia Beautiful or contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 6578 7290.

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