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Project updates

Updates on the review of the Singleton Land Use Strategy 2008 and preparation of the new land use strategy are available from this web page.

The table which follows identifies the key tasks that have commenced and the time of commencement:

 Task  Commencement  Completion  Relevant links
Initial consultation phase to inform preparation of a new land use strategy  01 March 2016  31 March 2016  
Community workshop - Civic Centre, Singleton  09 March 2016  09 March 2016 Summary of comments from workshop
Briefings with typical referral authorities  22 March 2016  04 April 2016 Notes from briefings with referral authorities
Staff workshops (x2)  12 April 2016  15 April 2016 Comments from Staff Workshops
Consultation report for the initial consultation phase  18 April 2016  In progress  
Consultation Plan revised to include updated timeframes and additional information  06 May 2016  06 May 2016 Updated Consultation Plan for Draft Singleton Land Use Strategy project

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