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The Draft DCP process
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act 1979) and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Regs 2000) set out the requirements that Council must follow to make a Development Control Plan (DCP).

Where the Singleton Local Environmental Plan 2013 requires preparation of a DCP for a site, the draft DCP amendment will generally involve the following main steps:

 Step  Process
Draft DCP Council prepares a draft version of the Singleton Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP), which incorporates amended plans and provisions. This part of the process may involve consultation with public authorities and may require further information to be lodged by the applicant to address public authority requirements.
Report to Council 
Council staff prepare a report to a formal Council meeting. The report will generally indicate why the draft DCP can proceed and seeks support from the elected Council to publicly exhibit the draft DCP.
Community consultation The draft DCP is publicly exhibited for a minimum of 28 days.
Assessment Council considers public submissions and the draft DCP is varied as necessary.
Report to Council Council staff prepare to a report to a formal Council meeting. The report will generally explain the findings of the consultation process and recommend how to proceed.

Public notice
If the resolution of the Council meeting supports making of the draft DCP amendment, Council gives public notice of its decision in a local newspaper. The amended DCP takes effect on the date that the public notice is given, or on a later date specified in the notice.

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