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Wood smoke pollution
Wood smoke is often seen as a brown atmospheric haze in the atmosphere on still, cool, winter mornings.

Wood smoke from wood heating is a significant source of particle pollution. In fact, during winter, wood heaters can produce up to seven times as much particle pollution as cars. Not only is a smoking fire wasting your money, but the air pollution it causes can also affect our health

Wood smoke contains a number of noxious gases (including carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and a range of organic compounds, some of which are toxic or carcinogenic and fine particles, which may be inhaled deep into the lungs.

These pollutants can cause breathing difficulties even at relatively low levels, especially for people suffering existing respiratory conditions, such as asthmatics, and for very young children and frail older people.

There is also evidence that smoke pollution can cause cardiac problems.

If you can see or smell smoke from your wood heater then you are causing a problem for yourself, your family and your neighbours.

Many families use a wood heater to stay warm during the winter months.  There are a number of simple actions that your family can take to operate your wood heater effectively to reduce wood smoke in the Singleton area.

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