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To help reduce drowning or near-drowning incidents, Council has a number of resources available to help you stay informed about what's required with pool safety.

Under new legislation, all pool and spa owners must now join the NSW pool register to ensure compliance with minimum safety standards. It's the responsibility of the pool or spa owner to make sure their pool is safe.

All pools must be securely fenced and display a resuscitation/warning sign.

Swimming Pool Fence Compliance Certificate Application

Supervision is essential
The number of children involved in drowning or near drowning incidents in NSW is a tragedy for the entire community. Once a young child’s face is underwater, the child is unable to pick themselves up as their head is heavier than their bodies.

Most parents and carers believe that they will be able to hear if their child is drowning. This, however, is not true as water in the airway can block any sound from being heard.

Drowning is a very quick and quiet event. Many near drowning incidents may also result in lifelong brain damage for the child. Swimming pool and spa safety is therefore a very serious issue.

There will be times when parents and carers are unable to actively supervise young children for every minute of the day. A large majority of children who drown in backyard swimming pools do so without the knowledge of the parent or carer.

Supervision of children around water is the best protection for children against drowning. However, it is easy for parents and carers to be distracted by everyday tasks such as hanging the washing on the line or answering the telephone. This is why pool fencing can be a very important second layer of protection to stop children gaining access to the water in the pool.

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