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How to access Council's information
The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) requires local councils to proactively release a range of information on their websites and in other accessible formats, while providing appropriate protection for individual’s privacy. It means formal applications for access should be a last resort.

To access Council information:

  • Search the Council website; or
  • Contact Council’s Customer Service Centre and ask for the information. 

A Council Officer will decide whether the information you want:

  • is open access information that is readily available; if it is they will tell you where and how you can get the information, 
  • can be disclosed to you through ‘informal release’, for example where no third party personal information is involved, an Open Access Application Form is required, or 
  • requires a formal access application, for example because consultation with a third party is required.

Singleton Council
PO Box 314 Singleton NSW 2330
Ph: 02 6578 7290