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Leisure centres new management contract
New Management Contract | Singleton Gym & Swim and Singleton Heights Sports Centre

At its meeting on 15 April 2019, Singleton Council resolved to award the tender for the management of the Singleton Gym & Swim Centre and Singleton Heights Sports Centre to Belgravia Leisure Pty Ltd for a three-year plus two-year term.


The new contract will take effect on 1 July 2019.


A major component of the contract was a redevelopment proposal for the potential redevelopment of the Singleton Heights Centre into a multi-functional, active recreation and sports centre. The Singleton Heights Centre is 45 years old and reflects its age in appearance, configuration and maintenance requirements. The community will be invited to be involved in any plans for a redevelopment project.


Council has had a successful partnership with YMCA NSW, which has managed the centres since 2011 and has helped transform the Singleton Gym & Swim into a leading regional recreational and leisure facility.


Council is committed to working with both YMCA NSW and Belgravia Leisure to ensure a business as usual approach, and will keep members and patrons informed throughout the transition process.


SINGLETON ACTIVE represents the partnership between Singleton Council and Belgravia Leisure to deliver quality facilities and programs to promote the health and wellbeing of our community.


Why was the management of the centres the subject of a tender process?

The current contract with YMCA NSW is due to expire on 30 June 2019. Following the significant investment in the Singleton Gym & Swim centre, Council resolved in December 2018 to call a “Selective Tender” inviting Belgravia Leisure and YMCA NSW to submit proposals for the management and operation of the Singleton Gym & Swim, as well as Singleton Heights Sports Centre management and development opportunity.


What does the new contract include?
- Initial three-year management contract (plus option with Council to extend for a further two years at its discretion)

- Commercial Contract (up to 18 years, or 16 years if two-year option of management contract is used) for a total of 21 years

What factors determined the decision?
The Selective Tender process included innovative concepts to provide a capital investment to redevelop or rebuild the Singleton Heights Sports Centre into a multi-functional active recreational and sports centre, as well as management of both centres in a manner that is beneficial to the community.

Council’s evaluation criteria in determining the contract was weighted on price and financial bid; experience; reputation of organisation and proposed delivery; and capacity.


Based on this information, the elected Council resolved to award the tender to Belgravia Leisure at its ordinary meeting on 15 April 2019.


Why was Belgravia Leisure keen to be involved in the centres in Singleton?

Belgravia Leisure’s core business is managing aquatic and leisure assets on behalf of local government. Belgravia Leisure is strongly committed to connecting the community to leisure by increasing access to aquatic and leisure facilities to people of all abilities, ages and lifestyles. Whilst a large national group, Belgravia Leisure has a strong local footprint in the surrounding council areas of Cessnock and Port Stephens.


What is the impact on staff?

Council are working closely to ensure staff are supported through the process and all staff are encouraged to apply for roles with Belgravia Leisure.

What happens to memberships? Can I still sign up?
If you are a current member, your membership will continue as normal.

If you are not a member and want to join, you can still do so via the YMCA team right up until 30 June.

Do I need to sign a new contract?
No, as your membership is with the centre you do not need to enter a new agreement. All your conditions, including frequency of payment, will remain the same. If you have any concerns or questions relating to your ongoing membership, you can contact Nicole Gaza via email at


Does my debit date and frequency change?

No, your debit date and frequency will remain the same. However, your statement will show that you are no longer being debited by the YMCA after 1 July.


What happens to the membership fees I have already paid that relate to usage after 1 July?

All payments received for services that go beyond 30 June 2019 will be fully honoured as if there was no change in the management of both facilities. It is business as usual and any membership agreements will follow on from the last debit or payment.


Will my Fitness Passport arrangement continue?

If your company has a Fitness Passport membership, you will still be able to access as per the previous arrangements. Belgravia Leisure partners with Fitness Passport at more than 60 facilities in Australia and will extend this in Singleton as of 1 July.


What has happened in other areas where there has been a change in management?

Belgravia Leisure is well accustomed to the process of transitioning in to leisure facilities, managing in excess of 20 transitions in the past two years. In every transition, the focus has and continues to be to ensure business as usual to minimise any impacts on both customers and staff from the first day of operation under Belgravia Leisure management.


For people in the community familiar with the Cessnock or Port Stephens areas, Belgravia Leisure transitioned into four facilities in 2015. Four years on, Belgravia Leisure has maintained employment of more than 90% of the original staff and maintained all programs and services that were in place prior to Belgravia Leisure management.


Will the following change:

Swim classes?

All classes will continue as normal with swim classes running the same times and days currently in place.


My swim levels and program?

The ‘Learn to Swim’ program will continue as per normal, with the introduction of Swimming Australia’s GO SWIM Program. The GO SWIM Program has been developed by Swimming Australia and Belgravia Leisure to deliver a new and effective swimming and water safety program focusing on contemporary experiential and activity-based learning, encouraging and supporting students to explore pathways into competitive and recreational lap swimming. 


As a parent you will not notice any major changes apart from the names of the various levels and the look of the certificates. All previous achievements will be recognised and converted across to the GO SWIM Program. Booklets outlining the progress through the levels and a display will be available after 1 July at reception.


Group fitness timetable?

The group fitness timetable will continue as normal. Belgravia Leisure will work closely with members and instructors to ensure the group fitness timetable caters for members’ needs and arrange alternate instructors if some current instructors seek alternate arrangements.


Group fitness instructors?

Group fitness instructors will continue to work at the facility in the same capacity if they choose to do so.


Personal training sessions and/or instructor?

Personal trainers will continue as normal if they choose to continue employment, and will continue to run personal training sessions as normal. Personal trainers will contact clients of any changes to personal training sessions.


In addition, the Belgravia Foundation will provide opportunities to work with local community members, groups, not for profits and other organisations throughout Singleton. The Foundation is a registered charity created to reduce barriers to participation in sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation and health programs, with a focus of its work in the catchment areas where the Belgravia Leisure operates in Australia.

Examples include:

  • Children and teens with autism who have missed out on swimming lessons because of cost, will get help

  • Adults who live with mental illness who need support to join a health club, will get help

  • Carers who typically put others before themselves, will get help to join an exercise group, receive a massage or relax in a spa and experience a little ‘me’ time

  • People with early onset dementia wanting to improve strength, mobility and independence, will get help

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