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Sewer Relining
What is sewer relining?

PVC is heated on a special trailer folded onto it self and inserted into the existing pipe through manhole access points. The pipe is then winched from one manhole point to the next. Once the pipe is in place steam injectors are used to expand the pipe to the size of the existing pipe. The final outcome is a new sewer line with a 50 year design life at a fraction of the cost of replacing the existing pipe.

Why sewer relining?

CCTV investigation has identified that our aging sewer mains require essential maintenance. Council has approved a relining process which restores these sewer pipes with a new smooth, joint less inner liner to allow for more effective and efficient delivery of sewerage to our treatment works. Sewer relining is a ‘no dig’ pipe maintenance method that minimises disruption to residents and businesses. Council has engaged Abergeldie Watertech to complete this work.

2018 Sewer Relining Program

Abergeldie Watertech will commence work 23rd April 2018 and continue working over a 20 week period. The sewer relining program follows a three step process:


  1. CCTV and cleaning of sewer pipes

  2. Installation of sewer lining

  3. CCTV of completed job


Residents are advised that during the time of cleaning and relining, work trucks will frequent the area and workers will require access to some backyards to access manholes and inspection points. Affected residents will be notified individually of this requirement.


For further information please see Council’s website or call our Customer Service Centre during business hours on (02) 6578 7290 or after hours on (02) 6572 1400



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